Performance Date: September 21, 2023 | 6:30 pm
Style: Original Alternative Rock

Artist Brief: Alt rock act Hot4Robot is the latest collaboration between celebrated solo artists Alex Radus, a “sullen, sultry crooner” (Philadelphia Inquirer) and “refined songwriter” (WDVR), and Dave Cahill, a “surreal” guitarist and composer of “post-apocalyptic, dystopian landscapes” (Elucidator). Blending a colorful palette of influences (Dire Straits, Radiohead, Bowie, Muse, the Pixies), Hot4Robot creates rich, textured soundscapes in service to melody and lyric-driven compositions. Hot4Robot’s debut, self-titled concept rock album is a dark, whimsical and at times humorous exploration of mankind’s use of tech to transcend itself, merging thoughtful commentary with energetic and emotive indie rock delivery (“a brilliant vision – Underground Music Collective”).  Think a musical version of Netflix’s Black Mirror.

(original Alt. Rock) Sounds like The Pixies, Dire Straits, Radiohead, David Bowie, Muse